Monday, September 7, 2015

10 (More) Thoughts I Have While Running
(Typically, I utilize a running speed I like to refer to as the Anti-Undead/Anti-Dead. Fast enough to stay out of the reach of the average zombie,* but slow enough to prevent my lungs from embarking on a suicide mission.)

1. I probably shouldn't be allowed to be out in public this early. My eyes aren't open all the way and WHAT IS THAT HELLISH CREATURE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PATH never mind it's just a pile of leaves. *whispers* but it was an evil pile of leaves. I know it.

2. Why do I smell donuts all of a sudden? *runs past fire station* Oh.

3. Wow, I really can't breathe.

4. This is the end.

5. Oh hello random person operating a vehicle YOU ALMOST ENDED MY LIFE. I'm probably going to die of suffocation anyway but seriously, you are rude and will probably contribute to the eventual extinction of humans and unicorns. Shame.

6. I think my legs are going to fall off.

7. It's usually a jogger that finds the dead body in the movies. I hope I don't find a dead body. I don't remember how to do CPR.

8. *Waves hello to passing runner and is rudely ignored* Wow, someone's endorphins haven't kicked in yet.

9. I wish I sweated rainbow glitter. That would be cool.

10. Well, I made it back home without passing out on the sidewalk or being decimated by sinister  vehicular entities. I suppose there's always next time, right?

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day and isn't working too hard. Even though it is called Labor Day. *laughs silently*

Love, Celia

*To be clear, I am referring to Walking Dead zombie types, not the annoyingly fast ones from World War Z

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 Thoughts I Have While Running

1. If I pass out I need to make sure I get off the sidewalk so I don't get run over by one of those cyclists who are trying to be like the dude Taylor Lautner plays on Tracers.

2. It's only been ten minutes and my breathing sounds like I've been running away from zombies for two hours straight.

3. This humidity is suffocating but at least I'm basically getting a facial from the steam.

4. How dare that person ignore me when I just used my last precious bit of oxygen to say hi to them.

5. I am death.

6. What is life.

7. What have I done.

8. That guy thinks he's so fabulous running past me.

9. (Three minutes later) Hey, there he is...walking. Not so fabulous now, eh? See ya. *runs past him like a glorious, sweaty unicorn*

10. Ignore the sprinklers ignore the sprinklers ignore the sprinklers

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Love, Celia

Monday, June 22, 2015

A few summer things I am passionate about (besides taking naps):

1. Iced coffee. Actually, iced americanos. My favorite barista sees me coming and has my drink up on the bar by the time I pay. It may be because I kind of go there every day.

The other day I went to a Starbucks I don't usually go to. It was the middle of the afternoon and––weirdly–– I hadn't had any coffee yet. My head was pounding and the thoughts running through my caffeine-deprived brain weren't super coherent. The barista took my order and went to make the drink. I stood, waiting, with a flashing sign above my head that said INSERT CAFFEINE IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. That part isn't really true but you get the idea.

The barista decided he was in the mood for small-talk so he dawdled around making my drink while he asked what I was up to that day, blah blah blah and as I waited longer and longer, laser beams shot out of my eyes, magically completing my drink and disintegrating the chatty and unfortunate barista.  That part isn't really true either but you get the idea.

6.  Brain freedom: The warmth of the sun somehow seems to unmuddle thoughts and neutralize stressful tension. The lack of academics frees up my mind for bigger thoughts, bigger dreams and wild imaginings uninhibited by someone else's reality.

17. Fresh fruits and veggies: Somehow, they just taste better in the summer.

3. Nights on the road: The temperatures stay in the comfortably warm zone long after dark, making evening outings and adventure-going that much more awesome.

What do you like about summer?

Love,  Celia

Monday, June 15, 2015

Airplane Tales

You know when you see an airplane in the midst of the beautiful skyline and you wonder where it's going and wish that you were on it (unless it's going to Trenton or Detroit, no offense)?


Okay. Well, I really like flying on airplanes. I like sitting by the window and watching the ground fade away and the clouds engulf the wings.

I know a lot of people do not like flying for various reasons, including:

a.) Fear of heights
b.) Airsickness
c.) Hatred of being squished between two strangers
d.) Strangers striking up unwanted conversations
e.) Strangers chewing airplane food in your ear
d.) Let's not even talk about the whole process of actually getting to your gate

Thankfully, I do not get airsick (that I know of) and I'm not afraid of heights (that I know of.)

I've never had any really bad experiences while flying. Well, unless you count:

The Terrifying Lip Gloss Episode: I was 13 and it was my first time flying. I felt fabulous, adventurous, progressive. While in the air, I decided I needed a swipe of my favorite lip gloss to complete my sophisticated traveller vibe. The lip gloss—shimmery and smelling of heavenly vanilla—was in a soft tube that you had to squeeze to apply. I reached in my bag, pulled it out and unscrewed that cap. Then, it happened. The sparkling gel began to exit the container in a disturbing manner. Squirting, to be precise. I looked on in horror as the pressurized cabin continued forcing the liquid out of the hole and down the sides of the tube. Thankfully, my traveling companion (my dad) had to presence of mind to rapidly screw the cap back on and recommended that I wait until landing for gloss application. I agreed and sat back in my seat, relieved that I had managed to salvage the better part of the precious liquid.

The Unsavory Bagel Chips Episode: I don't know what airline I was flying, but they had lousy snacks. Out of desperation, I ordered a bag of bagel chips. Normally, I do not eat bagel chips because I am convinced that they are a minor threat to personal security. If you've ever eaten bagel chips, you know how loud they are when you're chewing. Imagine that you're blissfully munching bagel chips while crossing the street. Then, imagine that a large, speeding garbage truck whips around the corner on a right on red and BAM! you never heard it coming. Okay, that's sort of an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Anyway, I received the bag of my snack of choice and guess what flavor they were. Cinnamon Raisin. I'm not even kidding. I didn't know they made that fact, I am suspicious that it was a test flavor and everyone decided that it was really bad, so they passed it off on the airline. I think I might have eaten two of them (first one: confusion, second one: acceptance and then rejection.)

The Silent Car Magazine Man: This doesn't really constitute as a bad experience, but it was slightly amusing. This guy (I named him Tyler) sat next to me in stony silence for the entire 2 hours of my flight. He typed some stuff on his laptop and also read a car magazine (I use the word "read" loosely because it was mostly just half and full-page photographs of cars.) I decided not to push it and just sat calmly, reading The Princess Bride. Tyler broke his silence during landing, when he dropped his phone and accidentally touched my leg while he was trying to find it. He apologized profusely and I reassured him that it was really okay. When we were allowed to exit the plane, he stood in the aisle and motioned for me to go ahead of him, which was astonishingly chivalrous.

Oh, and shout-out to the guy wearing the big, orange foam cowboy hat in the Atlanta airport that one year I flew by myself the first time. I recognized you from the plane and figured I could just follow the hat because anyone who could pull that off so fabulously would obviously know what they were doing. You didn't. I was very disappointed, but no worries. I hope you figured out where you were going.

Well, that's all for now folks. Do you have an strange/funny/fantabulous flying adventures you want to share?

Love, Celia

Monday, June 8, 2015

The In-Between Times

So I am finished with classes for the summer and am running out of excuses not to blog (at least occasionally.)

Summer is just beginning, and I am dreaming up all sorts of adventures to go on. In the midst of the adventures, though, I am going to try to make sure not to miss the in-between moments—you know, like...

Late night coffee runs with my younger sis (while jamming to our favorite music.) 

Seeing a kid movie at the theater for the third time because it was just that cute.

Receiving an unexpected letter from a friend.

Chatting with strangers while out and about, sharing a smile, a short conversation.

Not having to play classical music unless I want to (read: 0% of the time.)

Yeah. It's stuff like that I don't want to take for granted, could all go away, you know? 

Now, I have a couple pictures for you, because what fun is a post without pictures?

Recently, I discovered a local cafe that has dreamy cappuccinos. There it is, in its half-consumed glory.

I don't really have an explanation for this picture. I suppose it speaks for itself.

Any plans for exciting adventures brewing in your head?

Love, Celia