Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blue in the Face

The other day, I tried out a new face masque. It contained dead sea minerals and claimed to be anti-stress. I squirted some out of the tube and was rather startled to find that it was a brilliant shade of blue (pictured above.) However, it smelled pleasant and I decided to go ahead and spread it on my face. A minute or two later, I was a vision of glowing turquoise (which grew increasingly brilliant as it dried.) I purposely did not look in the mirror more than necessary. I felt sort of freakish, actually. But adventuresome.

As it hardened on my face, I began to have fleeting, panicky thoughts about becoming permanently tinted blue. But I stuck it out, and when I went to rinse my face, I alternated scrubbing and peering into the window above the kitchen sink to keep track of my facial tint.

Thankfully, I appeared to be a normal color. I'm not certain that the anti-stress factor was accurate, but my face did feel rejuvenated.

Admit it...you were sort of hoping that I turned blue. No worries, I try new face masques fairly often so there's a fine chance that I will manage to tint myself an unnatural color. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I'll be waiting for the picture of you rocking your new blue face. :)