Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Warm My Chilled Heart

When I drove to my job this morning, it was obvious that Jack Frost had been hard at work last night. I sunk down in my seat and gripped the steering wheel, desperately wishing I had thought of wearing gloves. I glanced down at the temperature reading on the dashboard. 25ºF. That's like....winter. My insides clenched up even more and I bravely refrained from letting my teeth chatter. (Unfortunately, my drive is just short enough that the Jeep doesn't really have a chance to warm up.)

I arrived without any complications like hypothermia and lugged in my stuff, which included my brand-new thermos. My lovely sister had made me another specialty mocha drink, this time with hazelnut flavoring. I was mildly concerned as I felt the outside of thermos and discovered it was freezing cold. After attempting to take a sip without remembering to pop the button, I finally got it open and...burned my tongue on the still-piping-hot drink. I continued to mildly burn my mouth until about half the drink was gone. I guess I'm not used to thermoses that actually keep drinks hot.

So I guess what I really wanted to say was...

Ha, Jack Frost! You may freeze the grass and the trees and the Jeep and even my bones, but you cannot freeze my special mocha hazelnut drink. 
Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians
(Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com)

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