Friday, November 1, 2013

Blown Away

I drove a large pick-up truck that I had only driven once before.
I had to drive by myself
for over an hour.
Now, you're probably thinking,
What's the big deal?
Well, I am used to driving a Jeep.
And in a pick-up,
There is a lot more vehicle sticking out behind you.
Perfect for
and grazing inconvenient objects.
Plus, I was driving in high wind gusts
and heavy rain showers.
I was surprised to find, after I got the hang of it,
that it was really fun.
There is something about driving a pick-up truck that makes you feel...
resilient. unbreakable. solid.
I did not hit anything.
I was violently misted by several passing trucks and made good use of the wipers.
I had a mild heart attack when passing a partially-concealed police car
in the trees by a two-lane highway.
You know, heart thump and hasty glance at your speedometer.
I was not speeding.
Also, there was a very important item in my cup holder.
A Starbucks Hazelnut Frappuccino.
Those little miracles never fail to bolster my optimism
and kick-start my creative energy.
I reached my destination, victorious, with a very empty
plastic Starbucks cup.


  1. Good job with the pickup, I had one for years and would probably still if not for kids and grandkids. I am sure you will have more opportunities to drive it. Glad that it went well. You did not say if you had to drive it home again. Coffee is always a good road companion.

  2. Pickup trucks are perfect with back roads, windows down, blasting country music. :)