Thursday, August 14, 2014

How I became a begrudging early bird

I have always been a night owl- always the last one up, the last one to go to bed. My brain seems to be the most active at night, bursting with new thoughts and creativity.

Since I began running, I've had to start getting up early. Like, indecently early for a human being to awake. It has been a strange and new experience. I set out for my run, wearing my favorite bright blue running tank and mascara smudges under my eyes from the night before. And I fly. That's what it feels like. And it it's awesome (only for the first mile or so, but that is beside the point.)

I wish I could say that I've started going to bed earlier, I am a chronic Burner of Both Ends of the Candle. It catches up with me once in awhile, but it's worth it. I don't want to miss the velvety darkness of late nights, even though I've also grown to enjoy the first rays of morning sunlight.

[As a side note, my lack of sleep has absolutely nothing to do with how much I like coffee. I refuse to believe there is a correlation.]


I greatly sympathize with you, Snoopy:


This is so true that it slightly scares me:

I feel as if I must finish off with an encouraging quote, so here you go:

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