Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It was green and I liked it

Usually, I am not partial to green drinks. I am not one of those people that voluntarily buy smoothies and juice drinks that are (by no fault of their own) green. Not necessarily because of the color, but because green smoothies tend to have things in them that I would not ingest...unless I was starving on a desert island. They have clever names for them, so if you don't do research on the ingredients you would never know that the innocent-looking "spirulina" on the ingredients list is actually algae. I do not want to drink algae. It's just not something I'm okay with.

The other day, I decided to try a new drink at Starbucks (I haven't been keeping up with that very well lately.) I asked the barista if they could make me a green tea frappuccino (I knew it existed because I'd seen it on the online menu.) For a brief second she had a horrified and confused look in her eyes, but she consulted with the other barista and the answer was yes.

I went over the end of the bar to wait for my drink. I'll be honest- I was really excited to see what it would look like. When it appeared, it fulfilled all my wildest dreams. It was all summer-hued loveliness with whipped cream standing regally on top. And oh, did it taste good. As I sipped it (and expertly ate whipped cream off the top with the end of my straw) I realized that I was drinking a green drink and I REALLY liked it. And for some reason, it made me very happy.

The end.

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