Saturday, August 23, 2014

Little things I'm excited about

I found this iPhone case for an insanely low caught my eye and I knew it was destined to be the new scratch shield for my phone. I can't decide if it looks like water or ice or blue aluminum foil, but I love it. I'm not allowed to drop my phone anymore though, because despite its beauty, this case has zero protection for falls and kicks and crashes (I suppose it is asking too much to have style AND great protection in one package.)

New library books and new writing stationary...(I have not read either of the books yet so I cannot say whether they are good or not. But they look interesting.)

A How to Train Your Dragon bag I found for $1...I got so excited when I saw it. Yes, I'm a little kid and I like that movie and I went to see the second one in theaters and I almost cried while watching it.

I ordered the first season of WAREHOUSE 13...I was introduced to this by a dear friend last year, and I have fond memories of us doing Warehouse 13 marathons while eating Chex Mix on the insanely comfy couch in her basement. That might be a big reason why I like it so much. But it is a pretty cool show if you like a mixture of sci-fi, crime and fantasy.

Other random updates (for some odd reason, all pertaining to food):

-Cinnamon Stick coffee is officially the first new flavor I've tried that I decidedly dislike.

-I tried a new kind of grape today. It was green and it was called a Cotton Candy Grape. I kid you not, it tasted exactly like cotton candy. Fascinating, but slightly unsettling.

-I still really like banana chips. I can't help it.

-Food samples in grocery stores around dinner time can cause to you buy things you never would have dreamed of having on your shopping list (potentially very good or very bad.)

-The other day I decided that I needed some whipped cream so I got one of my favorite drinks from Starbucks- a hazelnut frappuccino. At least, it used to be one of my favorite drinks. To my great horror, I didn't feel that it was all that good anymore. I really need to fire my taste buds and get new ones. But the whipped cream was magnificent (of course.)

Have a great day and don't forget to have some whipped cream in your life once in a while.

Love, Celia


  1. That's why they have the samples out around dinner time lol. We do it on purpose to exploit your hunger so you buy our stuff. Mwuahahaha...

  2. After reading the last blog I figured that the cinnamon stick would be a no go. I have found that not all folks at Starbucks, or Peets have the same talent for making different coffees. The only thing I usually get if it is not black coffee is Cafe Mocha. I tell them, no whipped cream, no drizzle, etc. Just the good stuff, chocolate and coffee. The "whipped cream" in my day is fresh air, sunshine, and maybe a motorcycle ride through the Finger Lakes. I do enjoy my coffee and at times have a cup at night. Never seems to keep me awake. Hope all is going well there. Love and hugs from here.