Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Purely for Your Amusement Series: Procrastination

[Okay, so I'm going to start doing these posts called Purely for Your Amusement, where I will talk about a topic and post amusing illustrations or tell a story. Hopefully they will amuse you or at least cause you to crack a smile.]

One of my specialties (one of which I am not proud) is being a habitual procrastinator. It became glaringly evident in high school, when I would wait until the day before the deadline to write the bulk of a 1000-word paper. It would happen just like this:

Notice #6. Repeat. That is, unfortunately, painfully accurate. My poor family had to deal with me pacing and moaning and groaning and staying up till all hours. They watched me walk around like a zombie with glassy eyes and a tense look on my face as I desperately racked my sleep-deprived brain for a good hook for the beginning of an article...that I had gotten the assignment for weeks before. To any family members that may be reading this, I extend to you my deepest apologies.

When I'm not procrastinating, I have sidetracker tendencies, like this:

It's like multi-tasking on steroids. Occasionally productive, but...I haven't had the best of luck with it.

I am working on fighting my procrastination tendencies. Being a perfectionist AND a procrastinator is not a good mix. I kicked my driving-in-a-new-town procrastination yesterday. I was very proud.

Eventually, I am hoping to channel my procrastination positively, like this:

I mean, hey, if a rabbit can do that, I'm pretty sure I could too.

Have an incredible day. And that thing that you keep putting off until tomorrow? Do me a favor. Do it today.

Love, Celia

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