Sunday, August 3, 2014

Run away // Can't breathe

So, I've taken up running (as an adventure, of course.) Not only have I begun running, but I'm also training for a half marathon. Yes, I'm voluntarily running approximately 13.1 miles. As an important side note, I did not make this decision under the influence of caffeine.

I've actually wanted to be a runner for awhile. But for whatever reason, I was too intimidated to try. I would look with longing admiration at the toned, tanned runners that glided past my house in their neon outfits and cool sweatbands. I could never do that, I thought. You have to have the right shoes (as well as the right outfit, of course) and you have to run just right or else you'll get horrific shinsplints and tear muscles and break your legs. I was obviously operating under some sizable misunderstandings, but you get the idea.

So how did I get over my fears you ask? Well, my lovely older sister has been a runner for several years now, and she had signed up for the half marathon a few months back. One day when we were out for a walk together, we got on the subject of running. I conveyed my feeling of intimidation and she offered to coach me if I wanted to start. Sure, I said (and mentally kicked myself for not thinking of that before.) So that is how I began, and I was excited.

A few days later, we were talking to a girl we met recently. She is a veteran runner who has done multiple marathons and other races. My sister mentioned that I was going to start running and the girl smiled. "Oh yeah, 6 months is plenty of time for you to train for the half-marathon!" I think my eyes probably glazed over. But there was no turning back after that. It took a couple days, but I slowly convinced myself to do it. Why not? I told myself (I talk to myself a lot.)

Training went well for the first week or so, and I felt great. My muscles felt amazing and I loved the rush I got when I ran my first straight mile. Then, I began noticing that something rather unpleasant was happening when I pushed to run a little bit of a longer distance- I couldn't breathe. Not because I wasn't breathing correctly, but the air just wouldn't go in. So, I'm suspecting asthma might be the culprit. I need to get a second opinion, so we'll see what happens with that.

I'm not going to stop though. Obviously, I'm not going to push my body beyond its limits but I'm not stopping. Even if I have to walk every ten seconds to recover, I'm not giving up.

[I have a feeling that God might be teaching me that I'm not indestructible.]

Updates on Saying Yes to Adventure from recent weeks

-I convinced myself to train for a half-marathon (cue applause.)

-I tried dried seaweed. Unless you like the taste of ocean water, I would not recommend it (however, I do like seaweed salad.)

-I bought an adventurous shirt, a black one with a shimmery gold tiger face on it. Wore it for the first time to the bookstore and got hit on by a (very suave) guy named Justin while in line for coffee. That memory will now be permanently connected to the shirt. Ugh.

-I tried adding milk to a Caffé Americano and learned that some things are meant to be left alone.

-I ate hummus and pretzels in the movie theater. Healthiest movie snack I've ever purchased.

-I rode in a glass elevator.

-I watched a movie "long distance" with a dear friend.

-I made pancakes from a box mix for the first time in my life.

-I watched fireworks from the bed of a pick-up truck.

-I used emerald green rosin on my violin bow.

-I finally watched some episodes Duck Dynasty. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

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  1. I encourage you to continue running. I started running because of asthma...I couldn't breathe ..Have done many half marathons and other distances to include 32 marathons. Most of the early marathons I carried my asthma inhaler with me in one hand. From my own view, this type of activity is a high leverage activity which will enhance all other areas of your life..and you will meet the greatest people at these events and such.

  2. Hopefully the system will let me post on your blog. It sounds like your running is going well. I was never much of a runner, doing a few 5k's for charities. One of my knees was damaged in a car accident with a DWI driver in 1977 and my doctor recommended walking instead, and living out in the country it was almost like a different view each day. The short way "around the block" for me is 5.6 miles. The long way about 7 miles so walking around the block takes some time. Pray that all goes well with your training and I have learned by experience that it pays to check things out before going too far to make sure that everything is OK to do the activity that you want to do. Love and hugs from here.

  3. I wish I was that serious about running! I'm getting ready for a 5K in September, but I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago and am waiting for it to heal completely. Good luck with your training!