Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unimportant but Potentially Amusing Facts...

...About me and food.

-My taste buds changed and now I like banana chips and I don't understand. Just look at them. They look shriveled and depressed and disturbingly inedible. But I like them and there's no getting around it.

-I am one of those people who genuinely likes prunes. I think they are a perfect snack and I eat them rather often. Stewed prunes, however, are not okay and should never have been invented.

-Once, I was at a high tea and they served goose pâté (apparently it is considered a delicacy.) Despite the fact that it was the color of death, I was determined to try it. I do not remember any distinct flavor, but I suddenly crunched on something unidentifiable. Being wholly unfamiliar with whether there was supposed to be crunchy bits, that put a speedy end to my endeavors.

-I always, always take my Oreos apart before eating them.

-Trying new and exotic coffee flavors is very exciting for me. My latest favorite is called Kahlua Creme (there is, of course, only the flavoring with no alcohol involved.)  The next one I'm going to try (waiting in the cupboard in a temptingly shiny gold bag) is called Texas Pecan. For me, coffee is not just a morning drink. It is an any-time-is-the-perfect-time drink. I have been known to consume it as late as 11pm (not a brilliant thing to do.)

-I could happily live on fruit, vegetables and seafood. And coffee, of course.

-I used to hate sushi but now I like it (my taste buds seem determined to betray me.)

-I believe cereal and milk is an appropriate meal for any time of day. That goes for any other breakfast foods as well.

-When I was little, my sisters, one of our friends and I would make this concoction called glacier pudding. It consisted of crushed Oreos, blue-raspberry jello, and whipped cream. I still can't believe I ate that...and survived.

I think that's enough food facts for now. I hope I didn't permanently ruin your appetite with the glacier pudding.

Have a lovely day full of sunshine rays and glorious smiles.

Love, Celia

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  1. I share some of your tastes in food, and really love the dried fruits not just the bananas. I sometimes go to the bulk foods and concoct my own bag of "trail mix". I am also a coffee person any time of the day. I do not use sweetener in my regular or flavored coffee, but am know to get a grand mocha from time to time. In fact I was at the lab for blood work this morning and it went so quickly I stopped to pick one up in Berkely (where there is a coffee shop on every corner) for the drive back to the kids house. Seems the caffeine does not affect me as far a sleep goes and I have also been known to have a cup at 11:00 p.m. I love seafood and developed a real taste for squid when I was in China, but I want my cooked, so sushi is out for me. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your blog and pray that all is going well for you there in Houston. Love and hugs.