Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Purely for Your Amusement Series: Small Moments of Utter Frustration

I'm usually a pretty laid-back person. It takes a lot to get me upset. That being said, there are moments we all have that make us grit our teeth and cause a scream of frustration to build in our throats. It's just how life is. So now I will share some things that make me a little annoyed. Okay, a lot annoyed. Maybe you'll be able to relate.

The password brain freeze:

When a word makes you question whether you are even literate:

This happens to me ALL THE TIME:

When you think of a great comeback but it's way too late:

If you have even a ghost of perfectionist tendencies, this has probably happened to you:

This is a paranoia of mine:

When you start panicking because no one is picking up:


To conclude- Every. Single. Time. you try to fold a fitted sheet:

I hope you have a lovely day with minimal frustrations.

Love, Celia


  1. I can associate with a few of the sentiments expressed here. I have a particularly talkative dentist so that one really strikes home to me and I don't know anyone that folds a fitted sheet very well. Don't get too frustrated. I heard that you runners use your running to ease the frustration also. I do not run so that does not work for me. I have learned to give my frustrations to the Lord. When I got neuropathy from my chemo and had problems doing basic things I really had to think about how to do things differently to get them done and avoid the frustration that sometimes goes with not being able to do simple things I used to do to without even thinking about it. Relax and enjoy your life and have the Lord take over handling your frustration.

  2. I can so relate to some of these! haha!