Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sweat-soaked//Blissfully happy

As you know, I am training for a half-marathon...which requires hard work, a fair amount of pain and a lot of sweat. I didn't even know what real sweating was until I started this training program.

I have always been somewhat of a "girly-girl." I like lace and romantic gestures and ruffles and glitter and above all, I like to smell nice. Therefore, I have a tendency to avoid activities that would cause me to become dirty and smelly. I know, it sounds ridiculous and wimpy-  but there it is.

However, I have had a revelation since beginning to run. Muscles burning, breath coming a little heavy, my ponytail all humid and fabulous, my shirt sticking to my back- that's good stuff. Sweat gets results.

I never thought I would be saying this, but walking down the street to my house after a successful run, glistening with sweat, exhausted, and indisputably not smelling nice, is one of the greatest feelings ever.

Love, Celia

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  1. Wow, now I know why I sweat so much.....need to get rid of some of that fat that promotes that. I have always had issue with sweating, even when I was the 4'11" junior in high school. I was a swimmer and people were amazed that after my event I would be sitting at the side of the pool sweating. Our pool was always kept cold, the thinking being that the shock of the cold water would encourage swimmers to go as fast as they could to get out. Hope that your running is going well. Love and hugs from upstate New York.