Sunday, October 12, 2014

Creepy doorbells/Random updates

I feel guilty for not posting more often, but sometimes I can't think of anything to write about and then my brain gets all panicky and it just doesn't end well.

I do not have a particular topic to talk about today, so I'll just tell you what's been happening around here. So grab a mug of coffee or maybe your favorite snack and buckle up, because it's going to be a wild ride.

Not really.

Around 1:30 this morning, the time when I am usually not even close to tottering towards bed, I was, by some strange miracle, drifting off to sleep. I was in that hazy, foggy state that most people enter just before dropping off, when I was jolted awake by the doorbell ringing. I lay there, trying to convince myself that I imagined it (I once read that humans often do that after hearing a strange noise- they have to hear it more than once to admit that something is wrong.)

Silence. I turned over and- it rang again. And again. And again. Now, there's something you need to understand about our doorbell. It doesn't make that normal, unthreatening ding-dong sound. It blasts the first measure of The Farmer in The Dell.  You know those toys that play obnoxious, tinny songs, and then the on/off switch breaks and it won't stop so you just give up and vengefully rip the batteries out? Well, the doorbell is worse than that. Also, the tune of The Farmer in The Dell sounds inexplicably creepy in the wee hours of the morning.

I saw lights go on in the hallway and heard murmuring as someone went to answer the door. I sort of just sat on my bed like this:

I imagined all kinds of terrible scenarios in which it would become necessary for someone to ring your doorbell at 1:30am. In my almost-sleep-fogged brain, it could be nothing less than a life or death situation, like a giant, angry robot loose in the neighborhood or maybe a skate-boarding zombie.

It was neither of those situations, by the way. It was a total anti-climax. One of our neighbors noticed that the trunk of one of our vehicles had been left open, so naturally, he came over to tell us. And ring the doorbell 17 times. At 1:30 in the morning. I have no further comments on the subject.

I have developed a slight addiction to Wintergreen Lifesavers. They're just so minty and fresh and all snug in their cute little individual wrappers.

I realized this past week it is never a good idea to let the hair straightener salesmen guy in the mall demonstrate on your hair. He will sell you his product or die trying. Also, he left two random pieces of hair curled with the rest of it straight and I had to do the rest of my shopping looking like I tried to curl my hair but just gave up.

I confess that I have not tried any new pumpkin recipes lately. You see, it is a struggle between my adventurous baking spirit and the fear that it won't come out looking like the pristine picture on Pinterest:

Piano scales now have a competitor in their nefarious quest to devour my soul: math review. Somehow, my brain wiped pretty much any memory I had of algebra, and journeying back is positively torturous.

If you were a pumpkin, what carving would you get for fall? I would get a leaf. Or maybe a snowflake or a unicorn. Or perhaps I would just say:

Have a fabulous week. I will try to come back soon.

Love, Celia


  1. Completely agree on the math! I'm trying to start studying for a chemistry CLEP test, and I've forgotten all of the chem I did in high school. Hopefully it will stay with me longer the second time I learn this stuff ;)

  2. Good to read your blog. I have a hard time picturing you like that fox with the funny look on his/her face. Pretty scary look. Why the math, are you doing some online courses? I am not a big pumpkin fan, and think the best thing are the roasted seeds. I had a doorbell incident when I was younger than you are. It was about 2:30 and turned out to be a young man who had too much to drink and thought he was locked out of his own house which was two blocks from our and looked similar. Tough way to be jolted out of your sleep. Love and hugs from upstate NY.