Saturday, October 25, 2014

:: Life Update #2 ::


Have you ever been in the shower and realized suddenly- and with great horror - that the water has mysteriously become uncomfortably hot without you noticing and that you are going to emerge looking like a stunned,  frizzled lobster? If you have had that experience, you have my deepest sympathies.

Anyway, I now draw your attention to the illustration at the top of the page. It basically is a picture of my daily life. I am that person. Well, I'm not bald...nor do I look suspiciously like a human-shaped marshmallow, but you get the idea.

Obligations are not one of the things I appreciate about being a grown-up. They have a way of looming up over otherwise fun days and polluting them with their shadow. No matter how long you lay in bed with the covers pulled up to your chin or how loud you blast your favorite song, they'll still be there, waiting patiently. I am slowly learning to get them over with as soon as possible, which has the result of clearing the air and letting smiles rain down again.

I have only been getting cold drinks from Starbucks recently (the reasons for which you can probably guess.) Most often, I get an iced Caffé Americano...and I drink it black. I stride confidently out of the store, sipping through the green straw and feeling all hard-core and magnificent. Nowadays, when I need an extra boost to get me through math or music theory, I go for an Americano instead of my once-beloved hazelnut frappuccino. When I told you I was a changed person, I wasn't kidding.

Facing the possibility of not being able to complete a goal is something I really, really don't like. I am dealing with the aftershocks of The New Runner's Bane: shin splints. The combination of residual pain and other complications have made the reality of running 13 miles in a few months a little grim. But I have not given up hope- my legs just need to get with the program and start working with me.

Well, I know this wasn't very long, but I'm working on a few other posts that will be going up soon. I hope you have a marvelous beginning to your week.

Also, if something is coming up that you're not looking forward to,

(I'm cheering for you too.)

Love, Celia

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  1. Ah, the joys of obligations. We all have them, different ones for different people at different times and hopefully they are not like the one pictured in this blog. He is kind of scary, and some of our obligations are too, We had an interesting discussion this morning at Sunday School led by Gary Miller and it had to do with work (probably the primary obligation for many people) and how we look at it. The key is to do it as unto the Lord and it changes. I think that you can look at obligations that way too, and although we have to do them they take on a different character. I hope that your shin splints, got them a couple of times when I was decades younger could actually run, They are certainly painful. My problem was running on hard pavement and I found where I could run on "softer" areas and it help a lot. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. As far as not being able to complete a goal, you will find when you are my age that it happens, perhaps more than we would like. In some cases there is not much you can do about it and their are many reasons. I have found that even when you cannot complete a goal, people noticed how you worked at it and comment that although the ultimate goal was not achieved, how you work at it and your reaction when you found it would not happen can impress people more than if it all went smoothly, especially when you the best that you can, which I know you are doing,
    Love and hugs from Upstate NY.