Monday, October 20, 2014

:: Life Updates #1 :: [Epic Coffee Spill]

I figured I should start numbering my update posts so that I don't have 17 million random ones just labeled "Update." I'm smart like that.

Here is a picture for you to gaze at:


Take in the beauty. Take in the danger. Take in the artistry. Are you done gazing now?

I showed you that picture to set the mood for the story I am going to tell you. It is called My First and Most Epic Starbucks Coffee Spill.

Last week, I went to a Starbucks that I hadn't tried out before. It was small and had a little bit of a ghetto flavor to it, but the baristas were quite nice and had sparkly smiles. For some odd reason, despite the 86ยบ temperature outside, I ordered a cappuccino (with my usual pump of toffee nut). I still do not understand why I ordered a hot drink. Perhaps my rationality was affected by the arctic air conditioning and the sparkly smiles.

Anyway, I went over to the bar to wait for my drink. It appeared in a magically short amount of time, and I claimed it and with a smile and a thank you. My lovely mother was with me and I wanted to show her what a cappuccino looked like (Starbucks makes their cappuccinos rather dry so there is a lot of pretty froth and foam.) I popped the top off to display the foam in all its glory, then replaced the lid.

I lifted the cup to my mouth and tilted it for my first sip. That was the moment when it all went down. Literally. Mysteriously, I did not taste the warm and frothy goodness. I did not taste anything, in fact. Instead, I felt a growing, scaldingly hot sensation coming from my light blue shirt. Time slowed as I looked down in horror to behold a coffee waterfall running down my front, onto my jeans and puddling around my flip-flops.

The gravity of the situation became clearer as I realized that the coffee had been very, very hot and my skin silently screamed in agony.

I looked round to see if anyone had witnessed my magnificent accomplishment. It appeared that everyone was much too busy ordering their own drinks and thinking their own thoughts. At least, that is what I'd like to think.

I mopped up the floor as best I could with an enormous wad of brown napkins and exited the store in mild humiliation and moderate pain.

The results of that experience were:

A.) I am not ordering another cappuccino for at least a year.
B.) I will think twice about ordering toffee nut syrup in my coffee after finding out what it smells like after sitting around on clothes.
C.) I will perform double, triple and quadruple checks on the lids of hot drinks before they ever approach my mouth.

I am a changed person.

I hope you are having a magnificent week so far.

Love, Celia


  1. Dearest Celia.As I read your blog, I could almost feel what was happening to you. I hope that you did not burn yourself too much. Since I am a couple of generations old than you are I have had the opportunity to have these things happen to me also. The plastic over on the paper cup has not been my friend from time to time also but I can honestly say I never spilled the amount you described that actually got to the floor. It usually gets over my chin and down my shirt but no further. I think that the C part of your results is the most important. I would not go as far as A, especially if you enjoy them. It is not the "fault" of the cappuccino. I hope that you have recovered fully and are smiling. I hope that you have not changed too much. I kind of like the "old" Celia. Love and hugs.....

  2. Yes, it makes one a little paranoid about lids, haha! I have yet to spill Starbucks (thankfully!) but I dumped a large Chickfila milkshake on the floor once. Picked it up by the lid (which apparently wasn't completely on) and the un-sipped goodness was all over me, the counter, the floor... Very humiliating, but the workers were very nice about it. Even made me another shake ;)