Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life Update #4 // Baby it's (not) cold outside

Christmas wreath looking cheery on the front door
I hope your week is going well so far. And now I am going to write you a list, about blue things mostly.

1. Tis the season for Christmas music. Elvis croons Blue Christmas from the radio app on my phone, and I munch some cereal as I look out the window at the scenery, which is decidedly void of even a speck of snow.

2. Speaking of snow, I don't miss it much. No white Christmases here; only balmy sun and endless blue sky.

3. Every other morning, I set out for a run. A blonde zombie with a bright blue shirt and blue sneakers, squinty eyes and maybe some stray mascara smudges. Recently, I have been trying out interval training (with sprinting) instead of sustained distances. My lungs seem pretty happy so far, and it's fun.

4. Know what's fun about gingerbread houses? Leftover candy. Hello, blue gum balls.

5. Last weekend, I got to go to the seaside. The blue waves made my heart sing like nothing else can. Also, I got to eat delicious seafood...almost too much happiness for one day.

6. Christmas is coming very soon.

7. If I was smart and didn't have a procrastination problem, I would have gotten all my holiday shopping done two months ago. Shopping at Christmastime is not one of my favorite things. Too many wild-eyed shoppers with enormous lists and potentially homicidal cart-driving habits.

8. I have still not fallen out of love with Chestnut Praline.

9. I drove in a big city and I did not die. Are you proud of me?

10. I have been trying to be better about getting more sleep. I figure that I should have good slumber habits for when I start classes next month. So far, it's not been wildly successful. I'm still kind of all like:

I hope you're having a cheery and sparkly holiday season so far. Don't forget to smile and maybe eat some peppermint bark. Peppermint bark is practically magical.

Love, Celia


  1. Nice to read your blog today. I appreciate the BLUE items.... Glad to read that the running is going well. Wondered about that. I am looking out the window at some blowing snow that is part of our first snow even this season. Supposed to get about 5 inches through the day, another 5 inches over night then more tomorrow, with some getting more. I lived a few years in warmer climates and found I missed the snow perhaps you will too. You mention starting classes next month. Where and when. Hope all is well with all of you. Love and hugs..

  2. I love Christmas so much! It really is "the most wonderful time of the year"!