Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Odd Compliments to Pass On

Happy December! I hope that all you fabulous people are staying cozy and not slowly turning into icicles.

Have you ever been out and about, shopping or going about your business, when you catch the eye of a stranger? With a smile, they comment that they love your coat, or that your child is beautifully well-behaved. We all like receiving genuine compliments...and I have been trying to get better about giving them. It often takes just a few simple words that brighten someone's day.

Sometimes, I think we forget to compliment those closest to us, because we know them so well and usually see them rather often. Recently, I discovered these silly but magnificent Daily Odd Compliments that are wonderfully expressive. Here are a few. Perhaps you can pass one along to a friend or family member to make them smile.

Love, Celia

1 comment:

  1. Hi Celia, nice to hear from you. I do like your ODD COMPLEMENTS, some made me smile more than others but they are all good. How is the running going? I have not heard or seen anything about it lately. Probably about ready to run a marathon by now. I am sure that the weather for running is better there than here. Having a little snow, rain and grapple going on here today (on and off) so it would be a good day to rest up for the next run. Love and hugs