Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm Not Very Good at This Whole "Adult" Thing #1


First of all, I did not mean to stay away for so long. I kept meaning to post, but it (obviously) didn't happen. I would like to tell you that I made a New Year's resolution to post more, but it wouldn't be true, because I didn't.

I have been thinking lately about being an adult. You see, even though I can no longer deny that I am an adult—at least in the technical sense—I don't quite think I have a grasp on everything that it entails. New responsibilities, breathtaking changes, and scary decisions seem to have accelerated significantly. 

One thing that I'm hearing a lot about as a first-time college student is choosing and planning my "career path." I've been swamped with employment statistics and projected job growth and budgeting strategies. Some of it is quite useful, certainly, but after awhile I sort of just want to say,

I wonder what my professors would think if I said that. I might try it sometime.

I'm pretty sure I'll get the hang of this whole adult thing eventually. Anyway, it's not like I'm actually growing up completely (I don't believe in growing up), I'm just learning how to act like an adult. I know that it will be a crazy, constant learning experience, and I plan to share some of my adventures with you.

Don't go too far away...I'll be back soon.

Love, Celia

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  1. I don't believe in growing up either and I have allegedly been an adult for a long time, though many would say that isn't necessarily so. On careers, do what makes you smile; what you love; hang the forecasts; be you....always ...even if you have to act like an adult sometimes... : )