Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 Thoughts I Have While Running


1. If I pass out I need to make sure I get off the sidewalk so I don't get run over by one of those cyclists who are trying to be like the dude Taylor Lautner plays on Tracers.

2. It's only been ten minutes and my breathing sounds like I've been running away from zombies for two hours straight.

3. This humidity is suffocating but at least I'm basically getting a facial from the steam.

4. How dare that person ignore me when I just used my last precious bit of oxygen to say hi to them.

5. I am death.

6. What is life.

7. What have I done.

8. That guy thinks he's so fabulous running past me.

9. (Three minutes later) Hey, there he is...walking. Not so fabulous now, eh? See ya. *runs past him like a glorious, sweaty unicorn*

10. Ignore the sprinklers ignore the sprinklers ignore the sprinklers

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Love, Celia

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