Monday, June 22, 2015

A few summer things I am passionate about (besides taking naps):

1. Iced coffee. Actually, iced americanos. My favorite barista sees me coming and has my drink up on the bar by the time I pay. It may be because I kind of go there every day.

The other day I went to a Starbucks I don't usually go to. It was the middle of the afternoon and––weirdly–– I hadn't had any coffee yet. My head was pounding and the thoughts running through my caffeine-deprived brain weren't super coherent. The barista took my order and went to make the drink. I stood, waiting, with a flashing sign above my head that said INSERT CAFFEINE IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. That part isn't really true but you get the idea.

The barista decided he was in the mood for small-talk so he dawdled around making my drink while he asked what I was up to that day, blah blah blah and as I waited longer and longer, laser beams shot out of my eyes, magically completing my drink and disintegrating the chatty and unfortunate barista.  That part isn't really true either but you get the idea.

6.  Brain freedom: The warmth of the sun somehow seems to unmuddle thoughts and neutralize stressful tension. The lack of academics frees up my mind for bigger thoughts, bigger dreams and wild imaginings uninhibited by someone else's reality.

17. Fresh fruits and veggies: Somehow, they just taste better in the summer.

3. Nights on the road: The temperatures stay in the comfortably warm zone long after dark, making evening outings and adventure-going that much more awesome.

What do you like about summer?

Love,  Celia

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  1. I like the relative predictability of summer weather. After 9 months of unpredictable weather, the day in day out heat and sunshine are a welcome relief. After a few months and a tiring of the heat, I like to roll the dice again and go for "what next."