Monday, June 8, 2015

The In-Between Times

So I am finished with classes for the summer and am running out of excuses not to blog (at least occasionally.)

Summer is just beginning, and I am dreaming up all sorts of adventures to go on. In the midst of the adventures, though, I am going to try to make sure not to miss the in-between moments—you know, like...

Late night coffee runs with my younger sis (while jamming to our favorite music.) 

Seeing a kid movie at the theater for the third time because it was just that cute.

Receiving an unexpected letter from a friend.

Chatting with strangers while out and about, sharing a smile, a short conversation.

Not having to play classical music unless I want to (read: 0% of the time.)

Yeah. It's stuff like that I don't want to take for granted, could all go away, you know? 

Now, I have a couple pictures for you, because what fun is a post without pictures?

Recently, I discovered a local cafe that has dreamy cappuccinos. There it is, in its half-consumed glory.

I don't really have an explanation for this picture. I suppose it speaks for itself.

Any plans for exciting adventures brewing in your head?

Love, Celia

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